My superpower is……

I really wish it was something like mind reading, predicting the future or the ability to move slow drivers out of the left lane, but it isn’t any of those.

Yesterday, I showed a massive house in Beaumont to a family. Well over 6200 square feet with the unfinished basement. As they asked me questions about the house, part of my answer was explaining what room was above, under, or beside where we were. After a few of these, their oldest son asked if it was part of a realtors job to know the floor plan of every house.

Before that, I had never thought about my ability to walk through a house and build a 3-D floor plan in my head, or visualize what a house will look like from just the floor plan. I just thought everybody could do that?

I used to draw floor plans of houses when I was a kid. Then I took a lot of architectural classes in college. Then I worked as an estimator with a construction company where I would have to build the plan in my head to figure out how much material was needed.

I don’t know what to call this superpower? Any ideas?

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