Good John Rice vs. Evil John Rice

Sorry to be clickbaitish with the title of this post.

There really is a Good John Rice and there really is an Evil John Rice. Both are realtors too.

(I am the Good John Rice by the way!)

How do I know this? Because I often have to prove I am not the other John Rice. When you are a party to an FHA or VA loan transaction, the underwriter has to submit everybody’s name to see if they are on the Naughty List of banned people. You get on this list by doing something shady. Once you are on this list, you can’t be a party to FHA or VA transactions again.

It was about 17 years ago when this first came up. Back then, just about every time I sold a house where the buyer was using FHA or VA financing, I had to give my social security number or driver’s license number so they could verify I wasn’t Evil John Rice. I started putting my middle name on the contract for FHA and VA sales and that helped a little bit.

I hadn’t had to prove I am not him for quite some time, but it happened again this week. I had to write an email stating I am not Evil John Rice of Lake Providence Louisiana……which is better than my social security number or driver’s license number floating around out there with half the mortgage companies in town.

I hope I never meet this Evil John Rice. He has caused me to prove I am not him for my whole 17 year career. I might punch him right in the nose if I ever get a chance, lol.

Here is a letter I had to write to an underwriter several years ago. I decided that I should at least have a little fun with proving I am The Good John Rice.

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