My realtor bucket list

Welcome to 2023. I’m not a big New Year’s resolution type of guy, but I got to thinking this morning about things I would like to experience at some point in my career, so here we go!

#1. I would like to have had somebody use me for 10 transactions over my entire career. I’ve had lots of people use me 3-4 times. I’ve only had one couple use me 6 times so I guess they are the most likely to cross this off the list. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE…….hahahaha!

#2. I would like to sell a house designed and built by Richard Isenhour. He was a local architect who built many modern houses in Lexington between the 1950s and 1980s. When I was a teenager, I always enjoyed driving past some of his houses. I didn’t know back then who designed and built them, all I knew was that they were cool. Many are in the Lakeshore Drive and Albany Road area. I do know somebody who currently lives in one of his later homes so I might be able to cross this one off the list.

#3. I would love to show a specific modern house on Warrenwood Wynd in Lexington. I discovered this home when I was a teenager who was just driving around looking at cool houses. It has been my favorite house in Lexington ever since.

#4. I would love to show a mid-century modern house off of Tates Creek Road that was previously owned by Kentucky Fried Chicken owner and former Kentucky Governor John Y Brown. Why? Not only is it a cool example of my favorite architectural style, it played a part in a book I was fascinated by called The Bluegrass Conspiracy. It’s actually a tragic tale of corruption and drug trafficing but it was especially fascinating to me because it happened right here in Lexington and involved my childhood karate instructor as well as the father of a girl I knew in high school.

#5. I would like to show a house in Kenwick that my family lived in when I was in high school. I am sure it might be disappointing to see the changes made, but I can tell from the outside that so much is still the same. My dad built the porch rails so solidly that they will probably support the entire house during an earthquake. He also had the garage built. I would love to see my old bedroom.

#6. When I eventually retire many many many years from now, I hope to have a big party where all my clients come see me one last time.

2 thoughts on “My realtor bucket list

  1. Regarding the book mentioned in number 4 of your post, there’s a movie coming out next month called “Cocaine Bear.”

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