LEXborhoods: Beaumont Park

It’s the mid 1960s.  You’re out shopping for a brand new house.  You’ve got a nice budget.  You like the new booming southwest side of town, maybe because you want to be close to one of those new shopping things called a mall.  There is a brand new one on Harrodsburg Road called Turfland Mall.

You go on whatever the 60s version of the parade of new homes was called and you end up in Beaumont Park.  You like it because it is on the edge of town, right by the new beltline.  It is a little bare since all the trees are 4 feet tall, but that is okay because the houses have all those trendy features like a pass through between the kitchen and family room.  A private master bathroom.  Maybe faux wood beams and a fireplace that takes up a whole wall in the family room.

No surprise here, but NONE of these things are why anybody would pick Beaumont Park today.

Instead of being on the edge of town, it is considered close to town since it is inside that beltline called New Circle Road.

Those freshly planted twigs are now some of the most majestic trees in town.

Turfland Mall isn’t a mall any more, but is still an asset.

Today, people want to live in one of the 160 or so houses in Beaumont Park for very different reasons.  The location is great.  The tree lined streets are very pretty.  You get some of that mid-century coolness……but most of all it is because the lots are huge by today’s standards. (There is also a great city park in the middle of the neighborhood too.)

Before I show you a sample of some pictures I found online, I better tell you that most of the houses range from $200-300k depending on how big they are and how much they have been updated.  I have been in several.  Some have funky floor plans, so don’t.  Some are mostly original and others have been updated.

I wish all neighborhoods could age as well as Beaumont Park.


Check out how far away the houses are from the street.



A city park with big trees right in the middle of the neighborhood.



The depth of this backyard is pretty common.



Another huge backyard.