Some of my Favorite Areas

I spend a lot of time analysing data and giving people advice on property values, school districts, resale potential, etc.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love doing all that, but today I wanted to write about some parts of town that I like just because I like them.  They have a certain vibe that I find attractive. 

Now, it goes without saying that places like Chevy Chase, Ashland Park, and about anything in the 40502 zip would make the cut.  They do, but  I wanted to share some places that most of us can actually afford!

Even though I don’t plan on living in another old house, I still find them attractive.  I spent years in Kenwick, and my first house was almost 100 years old.  I get excited when I see a neighborhood that survived the 70’s and still has it’s original charm.  One such neighborhood is Meadowthorpe.  It used to seem waaay out, but now the new development out that way has it on more people’s radar.  It has a good vibe and a lot of mature trees.   An great neighborhood for taking walks.

2)  Next on my list is what people call “Southland.”  It is that area around Southland Drive/Clays Mill/ Pasedena.  50’s ranches and a few Cape Cods plus mature trees give it charm.  Plus it feels really close in town.  You also get all those shops on Southland, which was the 50’s and 60’s version of Hamburg.

3)  Gainesway is a pretty neat neighborhood too.  I like the larger lots, rolling terrain, plus you are just outside New Circle Road from the Lansdowne Shoppes.  There are a few cool contemporary houses that are interesting  too!

4)  I like Andover Hills a lot.  So much so that I live there!  I liked it when it was new and still like it.  I am not a golfer, but I enjoy seeing the golf course’s lush landscape. It also backs to Jacobson Park and Lakeside Golf Course.  Plus it is 5 minutes to Hamburg.

5)  Eastwood is a great neighborhood.  It is off of Liberty Rd.  It was one of the first neighborhoods out there.  It is just old enough to have been developed with wider lots.  The older parts of the area have the best vibe.  I think for the money it is a great deal.

6)  Hartland is one of the prettiest neighborhoods in town I think.  I really love the landscaped median that run through the whole main drag.  They also have the centers of their cul-de-sacs landscaped.  Plus you get a city park right there too!

7)  Lake Crossing is kind of a hidden treasure.  It is off of Richmond Road just past Man-O-War.  What is cool about this area is that several of the houses back to the reservoir.  There is also really just one way in and out once you get there, so it feels private and secluded.

8)  While it has more than its fair share of negatives to contend with, Eastland is still an area that I like.  The part with the bigger houses sure offers a lot.  Huge lots, big ranches, a handful of contemporaries to admire as well as a handful of 60’s/70’s design disasters.  The vibe I like is one of spread out space. 

9)  Squire Oak is a cool little area.  It is tucked away beyond the Seaton Center.  It has a cool little park with big trees and bridges over the creek.  For sure, one of the most picturesque parks in town.  Also, some of the houses back to one of the big horse farms.  One that you know will always be a horse farm.

10)  Now, this one isn’t for everybody, but if you want to feel like you are in Gatlinburg, then Walden Grove is for you.  It is off of Wilson-Downing near Belleau Woods.  All the house are contemporary.  There probably isn’t another neighborhood in Lex with this amount of trees. It really feels like you are in a cabin in Gatlinburg, just substitute gently rolling hills for mountains.

Well, those are some of my fave areas.  What are your’s?

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