Cat urine, nasty carpet, and other experiences this week

I have seen some crazy homes this week.  I went out one night with a great young couple.  They want to buy one that needs some work, then improve it up to what it would be worth.  Most people pay top dollar for a house, then go out and spend money to fix it up.  If you are going to do that, why not start with one that you can get for a good price?  It keeps you from having more in the house than it is worth.  Kudos to this young family for thinking it through.

We went to one house that was really nice, but it had 3 sump pumps.  The wife told me they drove by the house over the “Dry” weekend and it looked like Ruby Falls was running down the driveway.  Not really a good sign when it hasn’t rained in days and your sump pump is still pumping out water like an open fire hydrant.

The next house was still pretty nice, but it had some of the ugliest light fixtures I have ever seen.  They must have been high style for about 15 minutes on September 16th 1954.

Then we went to the house they like the most.  It will be a short sale, if we can get it done before the foreclosure.  The carpet was so bad that you wanted to wipe your shoes on the mat as you LEFT. The place smelled so strong of smoke that I had a headache and needed a shower when I got home.

The next house was THE worst.  One of the worst I have ever seen.  Fo sho in the top 5.  This house must have been rented by one of those animal horders that you see on the news ever so often.  The place REEEEEEKED of cat urine.  I mean, the EPA should have to issue you Haz-Mat gear before you enter.  There were piles of cat litter everywhere.  I didn’t expect too much when I saw an old mattress at the curb, but I was even shocked.  Having a house I rent out, it scared the living Bejesus out of me to think that one day I could own something like that if I picked the WRONG person to rent to.

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