Sometimes my honesty makes my job harder

I shoot myself in the foot a lot, both feet sometimes.  It’s because I want to make sure my people know the whole story on a house.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ll be in a wonderful house with somebody and say something like……..

You know, there is no pantry in this house, and I know you really wanted one.”

“With the garage on the back of the house, you’ll be a little limited in what you can fence in the backyard.”

“This house is vacant and looks bigger than it is.”

“No, there really isn’t enough room for an island.”

“Yeah, you can make all those changes, but you’ll not get it back when you sell since you’d be way over the top of the range for this neighborhood.”

“I don’t know if you’ll be able to really fit two cars in this garage since there is a staircase there.”

“Sure, this house looks pretty with all the fresh paint and updates, but all the windows are shot.”

It happens all the time.  A buyer walks in a house, gets all excited about what they see and forget to check on a few things.  That is why I tell my sellers we want to make their house look so good that buyers will focus on the bling and forget the obvious negatives.

I’ve had a lot of people thank me for passing on my insight.  I mainly just don’t want my people to have any surprises…..even if it means I have to keep showing them more houses until we find one that works.

One thought on “Sometimes my honesty makes my job harder

  1. And your honesty is one of the many things we like about you! If we ever move, we know who to come to for our house listing.

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