Home inspection memories

Ahhhhhhh the home inspection.  Probably everybody’s least favorite part of buying/selling a house.  After 11 years, below is my favorite home inspection story.  It happened when I was a new agent.  I think the listing agent thought she could push me around since I was a newbie.

My clients and I  got past the offer and had the house inspected.  Seems the upstairs furnace didn’t work.  It made a squeaky noise and started smoking when the inspector looked at it.  I wrote the repair list and sent it to the agent.

She called me about an hour later and said that I really couldn’t ask for the furnace to be repaired since she put on the listing detail that it had baseboard heat upstairs.  I fired up the computer.  Sure enough, for heat source it said “Heat pump, baseboard (upstairs)”  I told her at best, that was a little ambiguous since it could also be interpreted that there are 2 heat sources upstairs.  She started to argue with me, then I said let’s look at the seller’s disclosure (which, btw, is incorporated into the contract.)  The seller’s disclosure just listed the age of the upstairs heat pump, making no mention of it not working-the seller is to answer yes or no if there has ever been a problem with the HVAC……not working IS a problem.  Knowing she wasn’t going to scare me into doing what she wanted, she then started to argue that the inspector we used has always had HVAC issues on all of her listings.  I told her I don’t know why she is now claiming that this is somehow the inspector’s fault since everybody agrees that the furnace doesn’t work!!

We finally got past that.  We had a lot of repairs on this house.  I suggested we bring back the inspector to make sure they were all done correctly.  As you already know, most weren’t done right.  The agents then tried to tell me that I was outside of  the 10 days I had to do inspections and couldn’t bring back the inspector.  Again, I whip out the contract and quote them the part about us being able to check on the repairs we asked the seller to do.  Finally, all but one item was correct.  My buyer was so tired of dealing with it all that he just accepted the house without that one repair done.

Here are some funny memories of dealing with inspections/repairs:

1)  The seller’s agent told me that the dishwasher was installed and the painting was done (part of the contract).  I go to the house and the paint is about half done and the dishwasher is sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor.

2) My buyer and I show up for the walk-thru and the basement is flooded…………..and it was my listing!!

3)  A house I almost bought had 2 little rooms with window air conditioners in the attic.  The kiddie pools full of dirt only added to the mystery.

4)  A football stuffed in some ductwork in one of my listings.

5)  The inspector turned on the water for a foreclosed house and I got a shower.  Water started coming out of the ceiling and spewing from the drain on the hot water heater.  Got that cleaned up and found water all over the kitchen floor too.

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