Bully sellers and what happens to them

I just got a call from an agent who I almost sold a house with several months ago.  This agent wanted to see if my client had bought anything yet.

My client had a contract to buy this agent’s listing.  My client had it inspected.  There were two pretty big things wrong that needed some attention.  We were told by this agent that my clients needed to take it like it is or walk away, because we were being crazy…..AND that we had to decide by 7:PM that night or the seller was walking away from us!

We walked away since the only other option was unacceptable.

The listing came back on the market.

Sold again.

Back on the market again.


Still hasn’t sold.

The funny thing is that I saw all this coming.  I knew that any buyer would have the same concerns that we did.  We used a good inspector.  My clients were reasonable.  I was being reasonable.  It should have worked out.  Problems with the seller’s house don’t disappear if the buyer moves on.  They just sit there until the next inspection.

The best thing this agent and the seller could have done is thrown us a bone-meaning offer us something to have stuck in the deal.  Negotiate.  Make a good faith effort.

Didn’t happen.

Must not have happened with the second buyer either.

Meanwhile, my clients are enjoying their new home that we closed last Friday and this agent and her seller are waiting for a third buyer.  It is a nice house with two solvable problems.  It just needs an agent and a seller who would rather solve problems than give ultimatums.



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