When do you know you’ve found the right house?

“We pretty much know as soon as we walk in.”

I was covering for an agent that was on vacation this week.  This is what one of her buyers said to me when I commented that they didn’t spend much time in the first house I showed them.  I often hear this from my own buyers.

You know what this means?

A lot of people base their decision on how they feel.

I’ve always said you could find a house with all of the items on a buyer’s must have list, but they still might not buy it.

This is why that first impression when a buyer walks through the door is so important.  If your house isn’t perfect, you are better to have the the rooms a buyer sees in the first few minutes looking better than the last few rooms they see. If a buyer likes what they see at the beginning, they are more forgiving of little things they don’t like later.  It doesn’t work in reverse.

I recently sold a house in one of my favorite neighborhoods.  It sold for about $3-4k more than it should have.  Sure, the market is hot, and we did get multiple offers…..but I think we got TOP TOP dollar for it because the seller’s decor was so attractive.   They had the right colors, the right furniture and everything else just right.  The house felt good.

And I bet the two buyers who made offers the first day on the market both  knew they wanted it as soon as they walked in.


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