The Postcard Predators almost got her house

She has a house she needs to sell.

She kept getting postcards in the mail from predators promising to pay a fair price for her house and close quickly.

She called them.  They pestered her like debt collectors.  The stress put her in the hospital.

She doesn’t know what the house is worth, or how the process works.  That is exactly what they hoped.

Her relative called me.

I listed the house, but before I put it on the market, I showed it to the investors who had called her.  One guy had gone as far as sending a contract and earnest money check to her estate attorney.  When I told him I was now involved, he tried to say he had already bought the house.  I told him to show me a signed contract.  He didn’t have one because it didn’t exist.  He was mad because he wasn’t going to be able to take advantage of her.  He vented quite a bit, but I refused to engage him.  He tried to say he wasn’t sure he was even going to make an offer now.  I told him he could think about it and let me know later…..because I knew he was just wanting to see if I was afraid to lose his offer.  When he saw it didn’t phase me one bit, he raised his offer by $5000.  He was still close to $10k less than I think I can get for her.

I told her that unless she needed the cash super fast, she would get more by exposing it to a bigger buyer pool.  I told her that the Postcard Predators will always be there if she needed a faster sale.  She agreed.

We got the first showing scheduled about 15 minutes after I posted it on the MLS.

I will get her the most money possible for her house.

I am happy that I could protect her from the Postcard Predators.

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