What I did today between cups of coffee

It’s been an interesting day.

Like all my days, it begins with a cup of coffee.

A client wanted to see a new construction town house again.  It was 60 degrees today.  When we get a temperature like that in Kentucky this time of year, we usually get something not so fun to go with it like wind or rain.  It was rain today.  My client and I ended up with severely muddy shoes.  Thankfully I had my emergency pair of socks in the car so I could enter the last house I showed her.  When you wear sandals year round, you’ve got to keep a pair of socks in all your cars.

There are about 5 recent pending sales within this upscale townhouse complex.

The last house I showed her was one I had been very interested in seeing.  It has been on the market for a loooooong time.  I found out today that it recently got a contingency contract and was being kept an active listing for a buyer without a contingency.  I also found out that flooring made from distressed barn wood pulls the threads in your socks.

Then on my way home, I returned a phone call from an agent friend.  She and her husband are considering moving to my neighborhood and wanted to know what it is like living here.  I probably disappointed her a bit because I told her it is the most unfriendly neighborhood I have ever lived in.  She told me that the house she is interested in, which has been on the market for several months, got an offer this morning.  The current list price is well over $500k.

As I am coming home, talking to her in the car, I drive past a house in my neighborhood that I thought would only sell if it were the last house for sale in all of Fayette County.  It has a SOLD sign plastered across the sign in the yard.

Another house (not in my neighborhood) that looks like a Spanish Mission style version of the Brady Bunch house recently went pending.  The list price was over $450k and it was pushing a full year of being for sale.

I am really amazed at all the higher end sales between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Could it be that people feel good about the economy and are ready to spend?  Could it be that rising interest rates have pushed some 2017 spring buyers to act now?

All I know is that I was happy to spend the day checking out some pretty nice properties and sliding around in the mud with my client.

It’s the end of my day now.

Time for my evening cup of coffee.  Decaf this time.

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