Neighborhood Review: Creekside at Andover

When I was a teenager, I use to love to drive my 1978 Chevy LUV truck out Todds Road.  This is when nothing was on Todds Road except farms.  It was black with white wagon wheels and the trendy bright stripes that were so popular in the 70s.  My Dad bought it new.  I thought it was the coolest thing in the world when he got it.  I still liked it when I got it in the mid 80s, even though rust was quickly claiming the black paint.  The bright stripes had faded too.  The red looked orange.  The orange looked yellow.  The yellow looked like a rotting lemon.

This isn’t my exact truck, but it is the closest thing I could find online.



I use to drive out to a road I think was called Athens-Chilesburg.  It ran between Todds Road and Winchester Road.  It doesn’t really matter now because that road is currently two dead end roads.  On the Winchester Road side it is called Walnut Grove.  It is Deer Haven on the Todds Road side….although the Todds Road expansion has just ripped up where it connects to Todds Road.


Here is an old map I have.  Notice that Man O War ends at Todds Road.  Liberty and Todds do not connect.  There is no Hamburg.



All of this gets me to the real topic of this post.  A neighborhood called Creekside at Andover that one day replaced a field and a barn I use to drive past.  I’ve got a couple of friends who live there.  Here are my thoughts on it.

Use to be this neighborhood was very popular because it was the most affordable way to get the highly desirable combination of Athens-Chilesburg Elementary, Hayes Middle and Henry Clay.  For the Hamburg area, this was THE trifecta of schools.  Just like everything, time marches on.  Today, the district is Garret Morgan Elementary, Hayes Middle and the new high school being built on Winchester Road.  I think time will prove that this new district is just as desirable.

A client who I have become friends with lives in Creekside at Andover.  Yes, she did buy out here so her son could go to Henry Clay, but she has found other things she really loves about her neighborhood.

Since it is right off of Deer Haven, she can walk down that old country Road that I use to drive on when it was Athens-Chilesburg.  You immediately feel like you are in the country….especially if you look east since that is the edge of the urban service area.  It is a short walk to that broken line in the above picture.  That old train track is a tree lined walking trail now.  It goes from Walnut Grove, cuts across Polo Club, passes by the city park on Pleasant Ridge and ends up over in Hamburg.  Being able to experience the bluegrass is one of the best things about life in Lexington, and you’ve got a remnant of it here.

Having lived in both Greenbrier and Andover Hills, one of my favorite things about this neighborhood is how easy it is to not only get to Hamburg, but how easy it is to also AVOID Hamburg.  If you want to go to the new side of Hamburg by Costco, exit your neighborhood towards Polo Club and a few stops signs and one light later, you are there.  If you want to get to the main side of Hamburg, exit your neighborhood on Todds Road and you are there quickly.  Want to go somewhere else in Lexington?  Go out Todds Road and cut through Chilesburg and Stuart Hall on Hayes Blvd to get to Richmond Road…..totally bypassing Hamburg.  Since I like driving in the country, another perk for me is that you are on the edge of town.  Turn east on Todds Road and you are instantly in the county.  This would be great for people who enjoy bicycling too.

Most of the houses in Creekside at Andover fall between about 1300 and 2300 square feet.  Seems to me that most are around 1800-2000 square feet from what I see come on the market.  They were build in the mid 2000s. There are some townhouses in the neighborhood too.  Prices on the townhouses have been around $140k recently.  That is a good entry point for first time buyers.  The other houses are all between $170k and $200k.  There are a few basement lots, mostly the ones near the top of Deer Haven and Wargrave Walk.  Those are around $225k.

Here is a very typical home in Creekside at Andover.  This model is very popular because you get a great big vaulted great room and a HUGE bedroom or bonus space over the garage.  I have seen it be one giant room as well as divided into two rooms.


Well, that is it for today.  I guess in another 25 years I will blog about driving my gas powered, non-autonomous Audi through this neighborhood and remembering when all the trees were small and how it was on the edge of town back then.  I may even keep a map from today so I can show what it was like.


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