Why this is my favorite house in the whole world

I recently sold a house for an old friend.  It was her father’s house.  It was a little tough to finally sell it since she had so many memories of her dad at his home.

That got me thinking about houses I have a connection to like that.  While I have a few, the one that means the most to me is this one:

55 Manners 1

This is 55 Manners Avenue in Bangor Maine.

My great-grandfather built this house.  My grandmother was born here.  It stayed in my family until just a few years ago.

I have only been at this house twice in my life.  Once as a child and once when we scattered the ashes of my grandparents.  Both times I always got a little laugh as I heard people call that little brown building on the right “The baaaaaaahn.”  Nothing like hearing a Maine accent when you’ve been in Kentucky most of your life.

This place will always remind me of my grandmother and her life here.  Which makes me think of her and my grandfather, which makes me think of my mom and the rest of our family tree.

I remember my grandmother and other family telling me about my great-grandfather building the house.  As I look at this wall of built-in cabinets, I think about what their 1920s clothes must have looked like inside them.  I wonder if they were originally stained wood.  I wonder whose room this was and what my grandmother’s day would have been like here as a child.

55 manners 2

After my great aunt passed, my family no longer needed the home.  We had a 90+ year run with it.  I didn’t really want anybody else to have it outside of our family.  For a brief moment, I thought about buying it.  Then I realized that I couldn’t really keep it just for the sake of memories.  I do have this though:

55 manners 3

This is an original wood shake from either the roof or the siding of the house.  At some point, somebody in my family painted this picture of the house on it, before “The baaaaaahn” was built.  It looked a lot different when it was a new house, long before all the changes the house has encountered.  It blows my mind to think that my great-grandfather, who passed away long before I was born, has touched this wood shake.

I am glad I have this to remind me of my family and our history at this home.  I hope my friend has something from her Dad’s home that will always remind her of him and their time at his house.

5 thoughts on “Why this is my favorite house in the whole world

    1. Thanks. I just realized you probably went though the same thing with your old house….hope you are still enjoying your new one!

      1. Yes, the new place is nice, , and no big headaches. I am glad I stayed in Jersey, but Kentucky is nice, too. Warm regards, Bob

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