What did I do for Father’s Day?

Like most days in real estate, I woke up thinking “Wow, I only have a few things to do today!”  Then also like most days, by late morning my day got very busy.  I’ve always thought of being a realtor like being a fireman.  We both rush into houses, only for different reasons.  We also both can have the course of our days changed by a phone call.

My plan was to show 2 houses and then go see my dad.

One of those houses sold, and my client added another one, so there was still two to show.

The second house was a loser.  I didn’t even go upstairs.  I knew it was a loser as soon as I stepped out of my car.  The buyers realized it too as soon as they stepped inside.

The first house I showed them was totally amazing.  Great lot.  Great floor plan.  In good shape.  It was one of those houses that any buyer who sees it will want.

Which happened.

So, now my plan was to write an offer for my people on this house and then go see my dad.

Like most days in real estate, it took a sudden change when the listing agent told me that there was another offer.  I put on my persuasive hat and went to work.

My buyers had a contingency to close on their old house, which is not a great position to be in these days.

The buyers and I spoke about how to make our offer more competitive.  We decided to double the normal amount of earnest money and to waive a home inspection.  The house is 6 years old and the sellers had bought it just 3 years ago.  It also has a brand new roof.  No need to negotiate the minor list of repairs that happen with every house when waiving it makes such a big impact.

The seller was in the Marines and the grandfather of one of my buyers was in a well known Marine picture.  I told the listing agent I would get the seller an autographed picture if he wanted one.  I also told her to pass on to the sellers how my buyers have been wanting to get to this area for several years so they could be closer to aging parents, but a cancer scare prevented them from moving until now.  I also mentioned that one of my buyers was a teacher as well.

The sellers decided they wanted to work with us despite the other offer not only being a higher price, but also that buyer did not have a contingency.

By now it is late in the afternoon.  I broke free to go see my dad.  I always get him a big gift card for Frisch’s.  He has been going to a breakfast there with his BMW motorcycle club since the early 80s.  I used to wake up early when I was a kid and go with him.  I’m way too lazy these days to be anywhere other than in my own bed at 7:AM, but paying for his breakfasts make me feel like I am still a part of it, and makes me remember riding on the back of a green motorcycle, which he still has, to go hang out with him.

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