They got the house!!

I sold a house last weekend.  A real nail biter.

It was an attractive house with a popular floor plan in a desirable neighborhood and in the most popular price range.  All of that means that there were showings back to back all day.  I knew there would be multiple offers and it might go over the asking price.

It did.

We found out the next day that we were one of the 3 best offers they received.  We had to give our highest and best offer by 5:PM.  We did.  We got the house!

I guess all of my sales are personal since just about 100% of my work is people I know or people sent to me by people I know.   This one was very personal.  The buyers are a very young couple.  Married recently.  Just starting their adult lives together.  The wife is somebody I have known since she was a little kid.  Her family lived across the street from me at my last house.  Our family became friends with her family.  Her older brother and my boys were always together, especially in the summers.  They all went to the same school and we would take turns carpooling.

My favorite memory of her is when she was maybe 10 years old.  I would see her riding her bike down her driveway and on the street.  I would always look around to make sure no car was coming and that there were no strangers around.  A couple of times the chain would come off of her bike and I would fix it.  Once or twice I would notice there wasn’t a lot of air in her tires and would go get my tire pump.

I’ve always liked helping people.  It just feels good.

It wasn’t until after we got the news that they “Won” the house that I realized I was doing the same thing for her as an adult that I used to do when she was a little kid.  Instead of riding her bike out of her garage to start her day, she was buying a house and starting whatever she has planned for the rest of her life.  Instead of looking for on coming cars, I was making sure she got the house but didn’t pay too much and recommending a home inspector that I trust.

I have worked with several buyers that I have known since they were kids.  It is always mind blowing to remember them as kids and see them now as adults.  It is nice to see them doing well and making good decisions.  It also reminds me that I am much older too.

I’m glad we found them an awesome house, but I’ve got to confess I was really having a great time seeing her and her husband as well as her family while were house hunting.

2 thoughts on “They got the house!!

  1. You are the only person we would trust for such a big mission. Being the Lexpert, you know the areas of town where they will be safe. It’s great to have them close and not across town. Thank you for sharing this sweet story. Thank you for being a family friend and an awesome realtor. Hugs to you John on always looking out for your client’s best inrerest when it comes to homes. It is the perfect house for the two of them and our grandpuppy. At least for now. Maybe someday I will be promoted to Nana. 🙃❤

    1. It’s the least I could do to pay you all back for all the lunches my boys had at your house and all the beer cheese I have eaten. You all are at the center of all my good neighborhood memories from when I was across the street. That was a very special time and I miss seeing you all everyday.

      I think they will be really glad they live so close to you when they do have kids. They will want all the free babysitting they can get. I would love to be in the country for my next move but I think I will stay here in anticipation for when we are grandparents and want to be close for our boys.

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