The perfect day in real estate

I just love warm weather.  I love being outside.  Feeling the sun and seeing the blue sky.  Driving with the top town.  Meeting clients.  Looking at houses.

I had one of those perfect days this week.

It started out by showing a fixer-upper to some friends who want to get into the rental market.  We always have a great time and they always pick interesting houses.  The one I showed them this week had two baths, which is normally a good thing…..only the 2nd bath was where a closet use to be.  I am glad I took a picture because there is no way I could possibly describe it.


From there, I drove with the top down in the M Roadster to see a house on 10 acres with a pool.  I had to wear a hat to keep my forehead from burning.  I normally would have been a little anxious about having “Hat Head” but the buyer is a repeat client that I really like….he knows I am no fashionista.


I had a couples hours of down time before heading to Jessamine County to show the next house.  I took all back roads to get there because I’d rather have a pretty view and be moving than stuck in traffic.  This place sits on an acre and was a super cool house.  My clients have two young sons that are always a lot of fun to talk with.


I wrapped up that showing close to sunset.  I had a nice drive home with the cooler evening temperatures on the same back roads, only this time heading towards home.

Great clients.  Great properties.  Great day!

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