Imagine if Mr. Roarke was a realtor


A friend and I were talking this morning about what we would do with our time if we were independently wealthy.

I’m showing my Gen X roots here, but I said that Mr. Roarke from Fantasy Island had the best job ever.  My decade younger friend who is still a Gen Xer but considers himself to be a millennial had not seen the show.

I described it has this:  People come to Fantasy Island to live out one of their fantasies.  Mr.  Roarke is the gracious host who makes those dreams happen.  Sometimes those dreams can bring harm to people and he has to intervene to protect them.  He is always working even when the island guests don’t see him.  He predicts what is about to happen and always warns his guests of the outcome, so they have time to adjust their decisions.

My friend replies with “Isn’t that a lot like being a realtor?”

Hahahaha.  I guess it really is.

This has given me some ideas for my 2018 Christmas Card.

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